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Ativo Pura Cleansing Oil



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An aromatic combination of oils to deeply cleanse the skin. On contact with water it will create a gel like emulsion that will effectively clean makeup, foundation and remove pore clogging impurities.

An ingredient power house is in this little bottle. We’ve concocted this potion for those of you who struggle with acne, acne scarring and want a gentle but powerful cleanser. With star ingredients like evening primrose oil to promote cellular renewal, tamanu oil to reduce inflammation caused by acne, castor oil to cling to excess sebum, borage seed oil to brighten and rejuvenate skin, apricot kernel to replace some moisture loss and last but not least Camellia seed oil which is high in antioxidants to fight the signs of aging.  Its aroma comes from flowering jasmine, sebum regulating ylang-ylang and balanced out with Litsea. 

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